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Bank Repossessed Mazda CX-5 2.0 Active A/T (2019)

Retail Value
R 335,200
81,353 km
Stock No
AirCon ,
Bluetooth Connection ,
Central Locking ,
Power Steering ,
Power Windows ,
Radio ,
Key ,
Service Book


Spray work visible, warning lights, jump started.

All vehicles are sold through an auction process "voetstoots" with no warranties/guarantees and with no duty to repair. This vehicle is sold according to year of first registration on Natis document and as is with no warranties/guarantees. Furthermore no warrantee/guarantee is provided regarding any functional components.

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What is a Bank Repossessed Car?

Bank repossessed cars are assets that a financial institution has taken back from a client who has failed to pay for it. This financial institution can then decide to either keep the vehicles for compensation or sell the cars to recuperate costs and does this via means of bank repossessed auctions.

Here are some benefits when buying a repossessed car on auction:

  • When buying a new car, the value of the car falls as soon as you drive it off the showroom floor. With repossessed cars, that value has already taken the plunge and it loses value more slowly.
  • Depending on the brand, you save a lot of money on a repossessed car. Some brands lose value faster than other brands.
  • When buying a relatively "new" repossessed car, the factory warranty may still be active.
  • If you are looking for a specific car and keeping a thorough eye on the MyCars website, it is bound to make its appearance. Create an email alert and get notified when it is on auction.
  • Repossessed cars are often sold for much less than they are worth, giving you great value for money.

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Used Mazda CX-5 2.0 Active A/T

This 2019 year model Mazda CX-5 is for sale in Gauteng with an asking price of R 335,200. This low mileage bank repossessed Mazda CX-5 for sale has 81,353km on the clock. The vehicle primary colour is White. The vehicle has an Automatic transmission. The vehicle has the following comfort features AirCon,Bluetooth Connection,Central Locking,Power Steering,Power Windows,Radio,Speakers.

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