Made in China

18 Aug 2015

Let’s face it, when checking the manufacturers label on a product nowadays you are almost bound to find “Made in China” written on it! The quality of the products are forever improving and becoming more reliable. If you are looking at purchasing a vehicle then look into the Chinese manufacturers such as FAW, GWM, Chery, Geely and Foton. The Chinese have however become masters of fake knock-off products and they are blatantly copying other motor manufacturers:
Landwind X7 – Replica of Range Rover Evoque
This is the most identical replica the Chinese have copied. Launched at the Guangzhou motor show in November, 2014. From its signature body shape, radiator grill, lights and silver logo at the edge of its bonnet, its all Range Rover Evoque! The British company Jaguar Land Rover is not happy and wants to take legal action against the Chinese car brand LandWind.
Geely Emgrand EC6-RV – Replica of MINI Cooper
Emgrand EC6-RV has some MINI Cooper in there and also a little of Suzuki Swift, especially around the roof-top. The upper and lower character lines on the flanks look familiar too.
BAIC B90 – Replica of Range Rover
A combination of Land Rover and Jeep inspired off-roaders. The Chinese manufacturer BAW, a subsidiary of BAIC, produced this SUV named B90, a copy of the Range Rover and Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Haima M2 C-sport – Replica of Mazda 2
The M2 C-sport look much more like a Mazda 2; what it lacks is the Mazda badge. This extreme copy is manufacture by Haima.
BYD F8 – Replica of Mercedes-Benz CLK Cabriolet
Mercedes-Benz is one of the brands that is often copied. The BYD F8 is one replica that stands out superlative. Copied from CLK Cabrio. Funny, this same company has partnership with that Mercedes-Benz to produce electric vehicles in China.
Zhejiang Jonway UFO – Replica of Toyota RAV4
Jonway UFO, a China-built SUV is copied from the second-generation RAV4, and was on sale in Europe. Though this second-generation RAV4’s design was registered and protected in China, Toyota did not take any legal action nor stop the sales of the UFO after Jonway began selling the clone in China in June 2006.
Geely Merrie 300 – Replica of Mercedes-Benze C-Class
Another Mercedes rip-off, why spend money on a design when you can copy from other companies?
 Shuanghuan SCEO – Replica of BMW X5
Shuanghuan CEO was one of the most talked-about cars at the 2007 Frankfurt auto show, because it looked more like the BMW X5. BMW filed for damages in Munich court, which eventually ordered the cars to be destroyed.