Rainy Weather and your Car

21 Feb 2017

Some much needed rainy weather is always welcome, and it gives the car parked outside a nice wash too. Have you ever wondered if rain water is safe for your vehicles paint job?
 When living in heavily populated areas such as the Metro cities we have in South Africa, the pollution levels are generally raised causing Acid Rain.
When it rains, the water droplets contain higher levels of deposition (deposited material) collected from the atmosphere and have higher than normal amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids.
In simple terms, rain can sometimes contain more pollution and elements than normal depending on the area in which you live in and your areas weather patterns.
The higher than normal acidity of this rain is different than normal water spots and can cause paint damage if left unattended.
The cure is simple, make sure to give your vehicle a good wax every now and then, and wash your car after rainy weather to get rid of the water marks left on the paint work that could cause more damage.