New Audi TTS coming to South Africa

27 Aug 2015

Audi SA has just announced that the TTS will soon be available locally.
The Audi TT models launched locally in early 2015 were a choice of front-wheel or quattro drive.  The Audi TT coupé 2.0T or Audi TT coupé 2.0T quattro.  169kW and 370Nm from the multi-use 2.0 TFSI engine is not to be sniffed at, with the quattro (thanks to its off-the-line grip) achieving a 5.3-second acceleration to 100 time.
The TTS quattro pumps up the turbo power from 169 to a more Audi S-like 228kW (59kW to save you the maths).  Torque is up by 10 to 380Nm.  Performance S-es up to 4.6 sec for 0-100km/h.  Top speed on all Audi TT including TTS are restricted to 250km/h.
The extra power does not come at too much of a petrol-pump sacrifice, with Audi listing the 2.0T quattro at 6.4 l/100km and 151 g/km compared to 6.7 and 155 for the TTS quattro.
No more manual – all Audi TT is offered in 6-speed S tronic automatic only.
Local TTS prices+specs?
Local full equipment specification has not been announced yet, though visually we can see the red S flash to make a TTS badge and the satin-silver mirror housings showing the Audi S trademarks.
The Audi TT line-up will now consist of 3 models:

Audi TT 2.0T coupéR 558 000
Audi TT 2.0T coupé quattroR 642 000
Audi TTS 2.0T coupé quattroR 700 500
This means all the additional S-ed up TTS trim and performance costs R 58 500 extra.
Want to wait for the TT roadster?  This is already out overseas, so Audi SA will definitely bring it, in TT roadster and TTS roadster.