The Future of Electric Cars in South Africa
09 Dec 2019

The Future of Electric Cars in South Africa and can South Africa keep up with the Global motor industry heading into electric waters

Factory Warranties on cars in South Africa
31 Oct 2019

A decent manufacturer's warranty giving you peace of mind for the foreseeable future should be a top priority when browsing for your next set of wheels

Mureza Auto Company
30 Sep 2019

Mureza Auto Company, an African car brand registered in Zimbabwe and South Africa

30 Aug 2019

With the new Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) bill signed into law recently by our President, we all wait with baited breath to see if it will work or become just another money making scheme allowing incompetent drivers to keep getting away with breaking the law or a method to force e-toll payments.

The State of the Bakkie Nation
23 Jul 2019

Once someone has purchased a car on loan and becomes unable to pay their monthly installments the bank is forced to reclaim the vehicle in question, as it is…

Rainy Weather and your Car
21 Feb 2017

Some much needed rainy weather is always welcome, and it gives the car parked outside a nice wash too. Have you ever wondered if rain water is safe for your vehicles paint job?

Cars for Her
14 Feb 2017

The 14th of February, a day known for treating that special person in your life. Nothing beats flowers, chocolates and a fancy dinner OR is there? If you are on the market for a more lavish gift for the Mrs, here are some top picks she might appreciate, remember ladies like to accessorize!

Relief for SA Motorists as Fuel Price’s Drop in November 2015
03 Nov 2015

According to the Department of Energy, the reasons for the decrease are a result of the strengthening of the Rand against the US Dollar and the reduced price of petroleum products during the period under review.

New Bakkie for South Africa
07 Sep 2015

Paris, France - Renault has been the No.1 Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) brand for the past 17 years in Europe, reports the automaker.

Blue Oval (Ford) fans have some interesting new models to look forward to
28 Aug 2015

Ford is bringing out some new vehicles in the near future, here’s the low down

New Audi TTS coming to South Africa
27 Aug 2015

Audi SA has just announced that the TTS will soon be available locally. TT vs TTS The Audi TT models launched locally in early 2015 were a choice of front-wheel or quattro drive

Things to consider when applying for Vehicle Finance
19 Aug 2015

If you're like most people, paying cash to buy a new car just isn't in the realm of possibility. And even if it's in the realm, you may not want to deplete your savings account to buy a new vehicle. This means that you're either going to be leasing the car, or buying the car by financing it.

Made in China
18 Aug 2015

Let’s face it, when checking the manufacturers label on a product nowadays you are almost bound to find “Made in China” written on it! The quality of the products are forever improving and becoming more reliable

Some Wacky Tricks to Clean Your Car
14 Aug 2015

Use Hair conditioner for shine Wash your car with a hair conditioner containing lanolin. You'll become a believer when you see the freshly waxed look, and when you find that the surface will repel rain.

Koenigsegg's One:1 - a 1014kW megacar!
13 Aug 2015

The Koenigsegg One:1 Megacar, says the automaker is the world's first megacar in production. It's capable of 1014kW and rocketing to 300km/h in 17.95 secs.

12 Aug 2015

Alfa Romeo has been considering an SUV for well over a decade, but it wasn't until Marchionne's plan to revive the Alfa Romeo brand with a 5 billion euro investment that the company started to work on an all-new vehicle lineup.

Looking to buy a second hand car online? Read here:
07 Aug 2015

Shopping for a car online can be daunting but with the right preparation you could be well on your way to finding a new set of wheels. No matter what you are looking for, chances are you will find it online

Mini's new John Cooper Works hot hatch in SA
06 Aug 2015

Has Mini turned its John Cooper Works into the ultimate supermini? Has it lost the plot or is the automaker on to something special here with its latest JCW sport-tuned offering?

Introducing the Volkswagen GTI Supersport Vision Gran Turismo
05 Aug 2015

Born in a PlayStation game, brought alive by VW The headline is of course this vehicles engine. It’s a 3.0 litre BiTurbo V6 TSI (out of the Touareg) producing a whopping 503 bhp and 413 lb ft of torque, complete with a seven speed DSG gearbox and VW’s ‘4MOTION’ all-wheel-drive system

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May heading to Amazon Prime for new car show
04 Aug 2015

The trio have finally found a new home on Amazon Prime starting next year and produced by former Top Gear executive Andy Wilman, the man who revamped the BBC show and gave it its adventure focus.

DUCATI powered VOLKSWAGEN Concept!
03 Aug 2015

We’ve seen it before when manufacturers such as Toyota and Subaru combine forces and awaken vehicles such as the GT-86 and the BRZ, but this… THIS is a whole new level of engineering magic!!!

Mercedes Benz C-Class estate now in Mzansi
30 Jul 2015

Mercedes-Benz’s new C-Class, which is now available in South Africa, is an extremely well sought after car! Fourth-generation C-Class is datum point car in the compact Mercedes sedan offering.

New Italian Crossover available in South Africa
29 Jul 2015

After making its debut at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, the 500X becomes the latest addition to Fiat's 500 family. Fiat is known, or rather, famous for its small cars, this legacy kicking off with such icons as the 1936 Topolino and the 1957 Cinquecento.

The all new Swedish made Volvo XC90 available in South Africa
28 Jul 2015

Volvo’s greatly anticipated XC90 SUV is now available for purchase in the Southern African market. If you are shopping around for a new SUV then have a read through these attracting features;

Handy tips on how to reduce your vehicle's running costs by
28 Jul 2015

Finding ways to reduce the running costs of a motor vehicle can go a long way in relieving financial strain

All new 2016 Toyota Fortuner
27 Jul 2015

The 2016 Toyota Fortuner is said to be a full rework of the car which is now going to use the new modular platform of the Hilux which was developed by Toyota for the International market.

Merc’s G-Class in SA
30 Nov 2012

The updated G-Class has said farewell to its austere roots to transform into an executive on-road comfort van while maintaining the simple and distinctive exterior design as well as the superb off-road performance

Nissan launches Juke Midnight Edition especially for SA
23 Nov 2012

The Nissan Juke Midnight Edition will be sold as a limited edition model in 2013. Specifically designed for the South African market, the Nissan Juke Midnight Edition will be sold as a limited edition model in 2013.

Lambo’s new Aventador
19 Nov 2012

The Aventador Roadster features a two-tone finish which includes a metallic blue that is reminiscent of the 1968 Miura Roadster

SA Welcomes new Ford Kuga in 2013
15 Nov 2012

The Kuga boasts a 4-star safety rating with airbags surrounding the entire car. Ford’s EcoBoost engine technology claims to deliver the fuel economy of a smaller engine with the power of a bigger engine, by using twin independent variable camshaft timing with turbocharging and direct fuel injection technology.

Smart ForStars Concept – Mobile Star Gazer and SUC
13 Nov 2012

The 2013 production version of the ForStars will likely sport smaller wheels and less avant-garde styling than the wise-cracking concept version.

Infiniti M Moving in on Merc and BMW Domain
12 Nov 2012

The Infiniti M is the brand’s luxury sedan, featuring rear-wheel drive and a 3-litre V6 diesel powerhouse engine. When it was announced that the Infiniti brand would be resurrected in South Africa in June of this year, the flagship Infiniti was to be the much lauded M model.

Maserati launches global plan with Quattroporte VI
09 Nov 2012

The Quattroporte VI will be just one of three new models released by the automaker from 2013 to 2015, in a bid to raise the brand’s popularity and sales figures

Mahindra Looking to Take Over SA Market
07 Nov 2012

The Mahindra XUV500, which is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa, is now fitted as standard with fuel-saving micro-hybrid technology.

Chev Trailblazer to move in on Fortuner territory?
06 Nov 2012

The Trailblazer will enter the market as a dedicated off-roading, seven-seater SUV, and is designed to offer the ride comfort and efficiency of a crossover vehicle

Subaru BRZ Finally in SA
05 Nov 2012

The BRZ will also be Subaru’s first rear-wheel drive vehicle to be offered in South Africa, which is fitting since the BRZ is marketed as a true sports car.

Lexus Flagship Model Gets F Sport Version
02 Nov 2012

According to Lexus, the 2013 updates to the LS model represent a significant revision in the LS’s long life span. Back in August this year Lexus revealed their new LS model range comprising the LS 460, LS 600h as well as the LS 460 F Sport, the very first F Sport version of the leading Lexus LS model

Renault Zoe – 100% Electric, 100% Smart
01 Nov 2012

The 100% electric Zoe is powered by an 88 hp and 65kW synchronous electric motor that delivers 220Nm of torque. One of the new models that seemed to have slipped under the radar at the recent 2012 Paris Motor Show is the new electric super-mini from Renault – the Zoe.

2013 Rolls Ghost: Fine-tuned Luxury
31 Oct 2012

The Rolls Royce Ghost will be entering the 2013 model year with subtle and delicate enhancements, aimed at solidifying the Ghost’s place as a lavish and comfortable up-market experience.

Porsche 918 Spyder: 2014’s Batmobile
30 Oct 2012

The carbon-fibre body encases a hybrid 4.6-litre V8 engine coupled to two electric motors. These are powered by a 6.8kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack.

Suzuki releasing facelifted Grand Vitara in 2013
29 Oct 2012

Suzuki South Africa has now furnished the popular Grand Vitara with two specification versions and a new style kit.

Golf GTI Cabriolet Spices Up VW Line-Up
26 Oct 2012

The new Golf GTI Cabriolet will be released worldwide in 2013 - the first time Volkswagen is producing a Cabrio with full GTI specs.

Audi Trots Out New S Models for South Africa
25 Oct 2012

The S8 monster rockets from 0-100km/h in 4.2 seconds. The exterior design details are understated but clear about the important niche the S-models occupy in the Audi stable.

Revitalized Fiesta and Fiesta Magnet Entice and Excite
24 Oct 2012

The face-lifted Fiesta will be available in South Africa in 2013 with sophisticated new styling and gadgets galore. South African motorists, it seems, will be spoiled for choice in 2013 with all the major auto makers launching new and updated models.

Soft-top Opel Cascada - Attitude and Indulgence
23 Oct 2012

Featuring hand-stitched Nappa leather the interior of the Cascada feels and looks luxurious and sophisticated. The base model will be available with a 1.4-litre turbopetrol engine coupled to a six-speed manual transmission. This model comes in two output versions – 88kW or 103kW – each cranking out 220Nm of torque.

Trendy New Honda Brio – New Contender in the Budget Car Sector?
19 Oct 2012

The new entry-level budget conscious Brio sports a 1.2-litre 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine, and uses electronically controlled variable valve timing that produces 65kW of power and 109Nm of torque.

Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback – Driving Design
17 Oct 2012

The hatchback model of the Chevrolet Cruze is now available in South Africa in a 1.6 LS and 1.8 LS version. The much-anticipated hatchback version of the Chevrolet Cruze Sedan is now available in South Africa.

Audi’s S3: the refined hot-hatch
16 Oct 2012

The new Audi S3 is a lightweight premium compact that boasts a turbocharged direct-injection engine. Just a day after revealing the new A3 Sportpack at the Paris Motor Show, Audi released the details on the upcoming 2013 S3

Bolt new Director of Excitement for GT-R
15 Oct 2012

Nissan unveiled a one-of-kind gold-painted GT-R that will be auctioned online inspired by Olympic champ Usain Bolt. Bolt will collaborate with Nissan to design a limited edition GT-R.

Mercedes Celebrates 45th Anniversary With Launch of R5-million AMG GT3
12 Oct 2012

The 45th anniversary Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 is a V8 monster developed as a customer sports car and worth a staggering R5.1-million.

Top Ten Tips To Save Fuel
11 Oct 2012

With petrol prices now topping R12 a litre, it's important to save fuel where you can.

New V8 Lumina Dazzles
10 Oct 2012

The Lumina Ute is one of the few genuine muscle cars available in South Africa - and luckily the monster 6-litre V8 remains the heart of this machine.

2013 VW Beetle Convertible – The Legend Reborn
09 Oct 2012

So far Volkswagen has only released images of the 2013 Beetle Convertible with its top down. The car will be fully revealed at the Los Angeles Motor Show next month.

Renault Salutes Formula One With Special Edition Models
08 Oct 2012

The new Megane RS Red Bull Racing RB7 borrows its technology and design from the Red Bull Formula 1 cars. Finally available in South Africa, the Renault homage to their Formula One partnership with Red Bull, are the Mégane Renault Sport 265 Red Bull Racing RB7 and the Clio Renault Sport Red Bull Racing RB7

2013 Porsche Cayenne GTS - Super SUV
05 Oct 2012

The all new Porsche Cayenne GTS is an impressively performance-driven SUV

BMW M-Model Merges With One-Series
04 Oct 2012

The new BMW M135i was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and will be available in South Africa in 2013. BMW South Africa has recently announced the imminent arrival of the new hatchback 1-series.

03 Oct 2012

The all new Mercedes A-Class as seen in Paris this month. One can be forgiven for mistaking the new Mercedes Benz A-Class for another model entirely.

Renaultsport Clio – The Hot Hatch with Oomph!
01 Oct 2012

Hold on to your hats because Renault has revealed their new Renaultsport Clio at the Paris Motor Show! Always an exciting prospect for fans of the RS, the new Clio RS sports an even more aggressive and driver-focused design than its predecessors.

The New Golf 7 Is On The Way!
28 Sep 2012

Artist's rendering of the new Golf 7 Bigger. Lighter. The new Golf 7 will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show this weekend with much anticipation. If there’s ever been a time for Golf to add a star to its collection, it’s now.

Sexy new Citroën DS3 Cabriolet Shows Off
27 Sep 2012

The All-New Citroen DS3 Cabriolet Set to make its real-world debut at the Paris Motor Show this upcoming weekend, Citroën’s newest drop-top supermini has already created an excited buzz amongst enthusiasts.

Mitsubishi Evo X Hits SA Streets
03 Sep 2012

One of Mitsubishi’s pin-up models has finally been introduced to the South African roads. It may be about 5 years late, but the Evo X – or Lancer Evolution – which was launched globally in 2008, is now available to those petrol-heads who delight in the car’s blatant performance-oriented design.

Toyota 86 – The ‘affordable’ sports coupé
31 Aug 2012

The Toyota 86 (eight-six) is so named for being the aesthetic successor to the Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 series and the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 series, both produced in the 1980’s. Mutually developed by Toyota and Subaru, the 86 landed in South Africa in June this year and debuted on the 9th of July.

The 2013 Mazda-6: Classy or Demure?
29 Aug 2012

Since Mazda released the first teaser advert for the new Mazda 6 – scheduled to be unveiled in 2013 – in July this year, curiosity has been rising steadily

Nissan Micra Review
22 Aug 2012

Many of you will remember the Nissan Micra ads from years ago that admitted to – and boasted about - the eccentric look of the Micra

MyCars Car Test: 2009 Nissan Tiida 1.6 Visia+
07 Aug 2012

2009 Nissan Tiida 1.6 Visia

MyCars Car Test: 2001 BMW 3 Series (e46) 325i Sportpack
26 Jul 2012

The BMW e46 is the successor to the famous BMW e36 3 series. Launched in South Africa in 1999, the e46 quickly grew to become a favourite among BMW enthusiasts

MyCars Car Review - 2011 Mini Cooper S Clubman Auto
11 Jul 2012

Mini is known for creating fun-filled and confident vehicles that delight their fans with go-kart-like handling and proficient engine platforms

Tips to drive more economically
17 Apr 2012

Maintaining a car can sometimes be quite expensive. Why not save costs on the things you can control?

Aspects to consider when deciding on motor finance
03 Apr 2012

The interest rate remains unchanged again. That means that it is a good time to buy yourself a repossessed car. However, you need to make reasonable decisions regarding financing for a repossessed vehicle.

Why you should be a car owner
27 Mar 2012

Everybody needs to be a car owner at some point or another. There are many advantages when you own your own car instead of borrowing one from someone else. Owning your own car will give you some peace of mind, knowing it is yours and you can do with it whatever you want.

Benefits when buying a repossessed car
19 Mar 2012

There are many benefits when buying a repossessed car on auction. Although some people say that buying a repossessed car is a risk, it does not carry a big risk when buying on auction.

Repossessed vehicles – exactly what are they?
17 Feb 2012

Got an idea what a repossessed vehicle is, but do not have the bigger picture? You can clearly get a picture of what repossessed vehicles are all about at, but the underlying process will be discussed here

Getting the best out of repossessed vehicle auctions
17 Feb 2012

Interested in buying a repossessed vehicle on auction, but want to know how to get the best out of the deal? Here is what you can do to make the process go smoother, and what you can expect.

Establishing a good track record before applying for vehicle finance
17 Feb 2012

Want to buy a repossessed vehicle on auction, but afraid you will not qualify for vehicle financing? Here are some basic tips you can follow in order to get a good credit track record.

Bank repossessed vehicles on auction
17 Feb 2012

Want to buy a bank repossessed vehicle, but do not have the time to go to auctions? With our website, you can look at bank repossessed vehicles whenever you have time, and can be viewed online at

Online car auctions
16 Nov 2011

Do you need a good, second hand car, but simply do not have the time to go to dealerships to see what is available?

Expectations when buying a repossessed vehicle on auction
16 Nov 2011

When you are planning on buying a repossessed vehicle on auction, you have indirectly made the decision of getting more car for less money

To do list before buying a car on auction
17 Oct 2011

Need some guidance on what to do before buying a repossessed car on an auction? Here are a few things to consider while making the decision :

Repossessed Car Reality Show in the Works
08 Feb 2011

Tough economic times mean a growing number of vehicle owners worldwide are falling behind on their payments, and cases of bank repossessed cars are becoming more and more common. Even A-list celebrities like Paris Hilton have felt the financial pinch and had their luxury cars repossessed!

Online Repossessed Car Auctions
12 Jan 2011

Scandal and drama, tempers flaring and the sound of manipulation filling the air makes for quite a lot of effort, and all this for a repossessed car. As if t…

3 Essentials for Buying a Repossessed Car
12 Jan 2011

Once someone has purchased a car on loan and becomes unable to pay their monthly installments the bank is forced to reclaim the vehicle in question, as it is…

Repossessed Cars: Useful Tips
11 Jan 2011

Where car shopping is involved it would be rather ignorant to assume that there are no risks involved when purchasing a second hand motor vehicle. Your chanc…

Buying Repossessed Cars: Useful Tips
11 Jan 2011

A) Ask to see the official receipt as well as the certificate of registration and make sure they correspond with your chosen vehicle.…

Repossessed Car Auctions
10 Jan 2011

Cars for sale can be purchased through two methods:…

Useful Tips to Get the Car You Have Been Searching For
05 Jan 2011

Always consider the fact that before you bid it is essential to familiarize yourself with the car you have set your sights on by performing a thorough inspec…

How to Buy an Auction Car
05 Jan 2011

Always be mindful of the time constraint involved in repossessed cars. Make sure you are a step ahead and register beforehand. In so doing you are able to p…

Repossessed Vehicles and Some Useful Tips to Get The Car of Your Dreams For a Bargain!
04 Jan 2011

Repossessed cars are sold off regularly at auctions in all areas right around the country in order to get the best value for that vehicle. The reasons for re…

Tips for Buying a Bank Repossessed Car
20 Dec 2010

For the buyer though, this translates to lower sales as the car will, in all likelihood be headed directly for the auction room floor. For the lucky few who …

Why buy bank repossessed car?
02 Nov 2010

So if you think that a car’s price is too good to be true, it doesn’t necessarily have to be, it could quite possibly be a bank repossessed car. Of course, i…

What to keep in mind when buying bank repossessed car
03 Oct 2010

One thing to keep in mind is that not all bank repossessed cars are due to bad debt or investors who were spendthrift Often investors cannot finish their pa…

The selling of bank repossessed cars
02 Oct 2010

There are obviously certain things you will need (to get in order) if you are interested in selling bank repossessed cars. Bank repossessed cars, like a ”nor…

The advantages of bank repossessed cars
04 Sep 2010

Bank repossessed cars are vehicles which have been claimed back by the bank that initially funded them, due to lack of payment by the owner thereof. When own…

Steps in the process of bank repossessed cars
03 Sep 2010

Another bonus involved in the buying of bank repossessed cars is that the attendance of these auctions is usually limited. This is because the banks or finan…

Need to know about bank repossessed cars
02 Sep 2010

Although there are chancers out there as well, most bank repossessed cars are sold by banks or financial institutions, which means that aside from being a ch…

Info on bank repossessed cars
04 Aug 2010

A problem with new cars, other than the extremely high cost, is the fact that they depreciate so quickly. You might be impressed with your sparkly new car, b…

How the auctioning of bank repossessed cars works
03 Aug 2010

There are many ways to find bank repossessed cars. The safest, most legitimate source of information is straight from the bank or financial institution itsel…

How do bank repossessed cars work?
02 Aug 2010

You might be cruising around town with your brand new car, but if you’re still making monthly payments to the bank, it doesn’t belong to you yet. Even if you…

Hints and tips on bank repossessed cars
04 Jul 2010

The most obvious way of avoiding bank repossession of property (including your cars) is to increase your income. Of course, this is often easier said than do…

Finding bank repossessed cars
03 Jul 2010

The auction option is not a bad one, especially if you know what you’re doing or have done your homework. This is also probably one of the cheapest and most …

Considerations when buying bank repossessed cars
02 Jul 2010

If you’re interested in buying a bank repossessed car, you don’t need to make use of second hand car retailers (or even bank repossessed car agencies), you c…

Choosing the best bank repossessed cars
04 Jun 2010

At the end of the day this means that potential buyers of bank repossessed cars get a good as new car at a fraction of the cost. Bank repossessed cars can be…

Background information on bank repossessed cars
04 Jun 2010

One thing to keep in mind with bank repossessed cars is that although they are generally in great, almost-new condition, some will be rather damaged. It happ…

Buying bank repossessed cars
03 Jun 2010

Bank repossessed cars are cars which the “owners” couldn’t finish paying. As such the law states that the car remains the property of the bank or financial i…

Buying bank repossessed cars from an auction
02 Jun 2010

Auctions are a good place to find promising real estate deals. Besides the fact that auctions are relatively unknown, resulting in less people attending and …

Buying bank repossessed cars: 3 easy steps
03 May 2010

As with any relatively big transaction there are certain dangers and things you need to look out for when buying a bank repossessed car. This article won’t g…

The basics about bank repossessed cars
02 May 2010

There are many sources of information out there which can tell you more about bank repossessed cars, as well as were to find and buy them. In today’s technol…

Basic info on bank repossessed cars
04 Apr 2010

The majority of bank repossessed cars end up at auctions. These auctions are increasing in popularity, but they still aren’t that mainstream that people will…

Bank repossessed cars
03 Apr 2010

Of course, sometimes there will be “hidden costs” involved in bank repossessed cars. This typically happens in cases where the bank repossessed property in q…

Bank repossessed cars: the pros and cons
02 Apr 2010

The low prices and surprising quality is due to the fact that these cars are generally pretty new. These cars are repossessed because they serve as collatera…

Bank repossessed cars: FAQ’s 3
04 Mar 2010

Auctions are a great place and way to get your hands on bank repossessed cars. One of the reasons is that because it takes the form of bidding, you can walk …

Bank repossessed cars: FAQ’s 2
03 Mar 2010

Bank repossessed cars, as the name clearly states, are cars that have been repossessed by the bank or financial institution that funded its purchase in the f…

Bank repossessed cars: FAQ’s 1
02 Mar 2010

Bank repossessed cars hold the advantage of being new, and therefore still in great condition. Bank repossessed cars are normally on the level of demo models…

Bank repossessed car info
04 Feb 2010

Bank repossessed cars are cars which (as the name states) the bank or financial institution that funded the purchase originally, has taken back from the owne…

Bank repossessed car auctions
03 Feb 2010

Bank repossessed cars are a cost effective option, seeing as how you can buy a car that is in great condition for much less than the market average. Bank rep…

Bank repossessed cars: What you need to know
02 Feb 2010

Of course, even with all of these advantages and user friendliness, there are still some things to look out for. That’s where the research and preparation co…

About bank repossessed cars
03 Jan 2010

Alternatively you can make use of an agent or broker who does most of the research, actual buying and administration work for you. Another source of informat…

A guide to bank repossessed cars
02 Jan 2010

It’s not impossible, however, that some of these bank repossessed cars will be in a poor condition. Some owners, especially those that know their car is abou…