Relief for SA Motorists as Fuel Price’s Drop in November 2015

03 Nov 2015

According to the Department of Energy, the reasons for the decrease are a result of the strengthening of the Rand against the US Dollar and the reduced price of petroleum products during the period under review.
Prices of both grades of petrol are set to decrease by 22 cents per litre while 0.05% (50 PPM) diesel will decrease by 9 cents per litre and 0.005% (500 PPM) diesel by 10 cents per litre.
This decrease will come into effect at 12 pm on Tuesday the 3rd of November 2015.

FuelPrice ChangeCoastal PriceReef Price
Petrol – 93 Octane-22c/litreR11.75R12.08
Petrol – 95 Octane-22c/litreR11.96R12.39
Diesel – 0.05% Sulphur-9c/litreR10.52R10.85
Diesel – 0.005% Sulphur-10c/litreR10.57R10.90